Missoula Real Estate: Four Season Real Estate

Missoula has that suburban feel without the big Urban metropolis down the road. We’ve got the University, recreation areas and downtown night life, that makes Missoula such a fun and enjoyable town to live in. We’re also in the middle of the Rockies and come the winter time, most people think it’s time to close shop and stare into the fireplace. However, downtown Missoula is filled with wintertime events and activities, and there are numerous outdoor activities that we can opt to participate in. Shutting down for the winter used to be true for home Buyers (and Realtors). Buyers would turn their attentions away from pursing a home purchase to organizing their file cabinets and dreaming about next spring. That was all before the internet. Like Missoula itself, which offers skiing, snow mobiling, pub crawls and art walks, to keep the populace active and lively, the internet is allowing Buyers to view properties on-line during the long winter nights and getting Buyers excited about what they find. Realtors have to recognize this 24/7 world and adjust accordingly. The last couple of years, I’ve been just as, if not more, busy during the winter months as I have been during the summertime. Aside from Buyers remaining engaged in the market via the internet, another reason I remain busy is the quality of winter Buyers. These Buyers have been in the market for months, understand the values of properties, are pre-qualified and ready to pounce! Unfortunately, Sellers are not as aware of this great market time. For them the idea of listing a house in the winter is akin to “Throwing up the White Flag.” Most Sellers would opt for mothballing their properties or renting them out before listing during the winter. News flash: that was your grandfather’s real estate market. Today, my advice to Sellers is: List Now! Sell Now! There is so little inventory in the market place during the winter for these quality Buyers and many of the properties on the market appear orphaned. The winter time is an excellent opportunity for Sellers to give these Buyers something to get excited about. Caution: Any new listing will get strong attention from this solid group of qualified Buyers, but this group has already passed on the overpriced, underwhelming leftovers from the summer & fall. Listing in the winter months should get the same care and attention a spring offering receives. So, why wait for the spring when the opportunity for a great transaction is at your doorstep. Once your home is sold, then you can get back to organizing and dreaming about the springtime!