10 Things to Prepare Your Home for Sale This Spring!

Thinking of selling your home this spring?  It’s such an exciting and daunting task…all at the same time!  There are a few steps that you can take to make the process go more smoothly.  Being well prepared to sell can help reduce the time that your home is on the market, may reduce the number of items called out in a buyer’s home inspection, and can even help you to get offers at a higher price point!

  1. Hire a great Realtor

A Realtor will be able to tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to prepare your home.  It’s a great idea to interview a couple options, you will be talking a lot to this person while you sell your house, so make sure you like them! Find someone who is an expert on the local market, how to market your property, a great negotiator and always acts ethically. 

1.Declutter EVERYTHING! 

The living spaces are the most vital places to declutter, but really everything is important.  Clear the kitchen and bathroom countertops of everything that isn’t necessary.  Tabletops should be clear except for decorative centerpieces.  Corners of rooms cleared out, closets organized and cabinets relatively clean.  The great part of this process is that it not only makes your house look more appealing to potential buyers but it also gives you a jump start on packing to move!

2. Depersonalize your space.

This is an easy add on to the decluttering job.  You don’t have to replace EVERY family photo but minimize your personal stamp on the home.  This includes removing things such as artwork, décor and even furniture that is really personal.  The goal here is to have buyers walk into a room and notice the room, not your personal items.  Don’t worry, though, you will have the chance to display all your favorite possessions soon in your new home!

3. Neutralize your space

This task fits conveniently with the depersonalize step above!  Color is a very personal choice and we want buyers to feel at home in your space.  Paint over an accent wall, remove wallpaper, remove rugs that are a distraction from the home. 

4. Fix-it time!

Make an effort to fix small things around the house that could derail a buyer’s positive thoughts when touring your home.  Replace all lightbulbs that aren’t working, fix handles, drawers, doors that aren’t working properly and complete any unfinished projects around the house.  You might need to hire a handy man for help here, but that will be money well spent to quickly reach your goal of selling the home!

5. Touch up Scuff Marks

Do a slow walk through your house with a paint can and paint brush.  Clean up the corners that so easily get scuffed over the years and fill/paint extra nail holes in the walls. 

6. Eliminate Odors

Every house has an odor – some are good and some are bad!  Open windows to keep air moving, light a candle, wash linens.  Just keep things smelling fresh – a bad smell will turn buyers off and it’s hard to overcome.

7. Do a Deep Clean

Clean everything in sight.  Especially the kitchen and the bathrooms.  People are impressed when a home is more clean than their own and ALWAYS notice when it’s less clean than they are used to!  Nobody wants to move into someone else’s dirt and dust.  Having the carpets professionally cleaned is almost always a great idea!

8. Curb Appeal Refresh

Clean up the yard and get rid of any debris.  Plant some shrubs or flowers if possible.  Put some flowers on the front porch and a wreath on the door.  Just remember that you only get one chance to make a first impression!

9. Stage to Sell, Not to Live

When potential buyers are coming to tour your home, open all the blinds and let the light in.  Turn all the lights on.  Make everything feel inviting and show off all the spruce-up work that you have done getting ready!

Now you can relax and hopefully watch your home sell quickly and for top dollar!

Provided By: Amy Johnson, Realtor with The Partner Group